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1st Edition of International YoungScientist Awards

  India's 1st blockchain, news platform launches Web3 based ad network PRI ECO GEN NAT .LUCKNOW DCM45 Wortheum India's First  Blockchain  and News Platform by Wortheum has Launched Web3 Based Ad Network Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India (NewsVoir) Web3 is not only a new foundational layer of the world wide web, it is a fundamentally new approach to corporate governance, value creation and stakeholder participation with paripassu interests. It presents an opportunity where people are not merely products or beneficiaries of technology-powered business models but builders and owners of digitally unique assets. Wortheum Ad Network will become the architect of the global revolution in the world of advertising through Web3 and with the help of  blockchain  technology. Now is the time of web3 and the future is of decentralized advertising. - Ashutosh Singh, CEO, Wortheum. Wortheum Ad Network Platform is the unique revenue model for the wortheum platform users while creating a P2P economy