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Use this Intel app to sync your Android, iPhone with Windows 11 PC

While you can link your Android phone with your Windows 11 PC, including your Galaxy laptop, through Microsoft’s Phone Link app, there wasn’t any way to link an iPhone to your Windows PC. Well, Intel now has a solution for it. Intel has announced the Unison app for Android, iOS, and Windows, which will allow you to link your smartphones, even iOS devices, with your Windows PC.

The app was announced back in November 2022, but now it is finally available. Although Intel claims that the Unison app is available for “select Intel Evo Intel 12th Gen laptops“, folks at WindowsCentral were able to install the Intel Unison app on other PCs as well, including Qualcomm ARM-based ones. The app can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

In order to pair your Android or iOS device with your Windows PC, you need to have the Intel Unison app both on your PC and your smartphone. You can get it on your smartphone from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, depending on whether you use Android or iOS.

Reportedly, the Intel Unison app works well and even offers better connectivity than Microsoft’s Phone Link app. Similar to Phone Link, Android, as well as iOS users, will receive notifications, browse their photos, send files, receive/send text messages, and much more. As of now, because of limited functionality, you can only pair one PC and one smartphone at a time.

The only thing different when pairing an iPhone with a Windows PC using the app compared to pairing an Android device is that the former requires an extra step during setup to allow Bluetooth pairing. Apart from that, everything works very similarly on both Android and iOS. Well, it was a long pending request by iOS users to connect their devices with Windows, which is now available thanks to Intel.

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